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The Norwegian Vizsla Club

The Club

Ungarsk Vizsla i Norge (Hungarian Vizsla in Norway) is the official club for the two breeds Hungarian Vizsla shorthair and Hungarian Vizsla wirehair in Norway. The club is affiliated to The Nowegian Kennel Club.

Ungarsk Vizsla i Norge, abbreviated UVN, was founded 25 September 2005 and has at present just over one hundred and fifty members, from all regions in Norway. The club's mandate is to promote interest for Hungarian Vizslas in Norway.

The club arranges various activities for Vizsla owners, such as an annual breed show, various hunting exercises and other meetings. UVN maintains web-pages through which we try to provide updated relevant information on Vizslas in Norway. In addition UVN publishes a semi-annual club paper called Vizsla Ulet (The Vizsla howl). We are on Facebook.


The Vizsla

The shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla was first imported to Norway at the start of the 1970s, but numbers have never been very high in this country. At present the shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla is thought to number about 250-300 dogs. The wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla was first introduced at a much later date and at present there are only about 10 dogs of this breed in Norway.

In Norway these two breeds are predominantly used for hunting birds, but also for agility; obedience; working; tracking; skijouring and as PAT (Pets As Therapy)-dogs.


UVN contact details

Chair: Sissel Jerve, email

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